Welcome to the Technologies and Future of Writing module. This website serves as a homebase during our four weeks together — a place for my syllabus, major tasks, overall schedule, and several links to sites we’ll be using. You can find all of them on the menu bar above. ⬆︎ To get a bird’s eye view of the next four weeks, head over to our schedule.

The four pages dedicated to our major tasks will provide the most instruction during our time together. Each one focuses on a major tool or site you’ll be working with during that week and will include links to other sites and readings, embedded YouTube videos, audio tracks, and activities that are designed to help you complete the major assignments of the module. The four posts of the module are:

  1. Soundwriting with Audacity
  2. Blogging with WordPress
  3. Making stuff with digital archives
  4. Publishing on the Phono Project

Our meetings will be reserved for reviewing these tasks and platforms, answering questions, troubleshooting issues with technology, and sharing your work.

Before you jump into the work of this module, however, it’s important to take some time to complete the following short assignments, which will help contextualize and frame our time together:

• Look at the schedule.
• Browse the rubric for how you’ll be assessed in this module.
• Read the syllabus.
• Read Ball & Charlton’s very short argument, “All Writing is Multimodal” [pdf].