What should be included in your post?

Title: Name/artist of the track (“Song Title” by Firstname Lastname)

Featured image: This image will be featured at the top of your post. First, find one on the web that’s clear and suitable (consider getting one from a Google Image search that is around 500 x 500 pixels). Most authors go with an image of the actual record or the promotional sleeve it came in, but a profile pic of the artist, the geographic location, something the track refers to might also work. Then, click “Set featured image” from the menu on the bottom right and upload your image.

Audio: Your mixed audio track as an mp3 or WAV file (preferably the former as the file is smaller). To do this, you’ll simply add it to the site through the “Add Media” button (top left) and insert your file.

Script: This is the word-for-word final version of the audio that makes this post accessible to those who have difficulty hearing. You may include links, but that’s not required.

Bio: If you did everything correctly to customize your profile, your author box should show up automatically.

How do I make a bio? 

  1. Go to http://phonoproject.com/wp-admin. Use your Rowan email address for your username and the password I give you in class.
  2. Once you’re logged in, click the “Profile” link on the left and update your information: enter your first name, last name, write a short bio, and use Gravatar to add a picture (this is associated with your original WordPress account from a few weeks ago). If done correctly, your bio and picture will now show up at the bottom of your authored posts, like this. DO NOT add a profile picture to our Media folder, however.
  3. Finally, since you all have the same p/w, generate a new one for yourself so your posts are secure. Write this down so you can log in to the site again.

How do I add posts to The Phono Project?

  1. As an “Author” user in WordPress, you can write, upload photos to, edit, and publish your own posts; however, you cannot access other posts.
  2. Add a post, just as you did for your blogs. Note that the featured image for your post will be placed prominently in your post, so choose it well (more on this below).
  3. Choose the most appropriate tags for your post. Consider tagging the artist’s name, the song’s genre, recording format (78, shellac, LP, etc.), themes (protest, love, instrumental, etc.), or other prominent aspects of the recording. This isn’t a perfect science.
  4. Choose “Save Draft” until you are ready to publish it to the site (see image).