Consult the latest daily plan for more additional details.


In class: The future of writing is multimodal: Phono Project overview; set up WordPress.

Homework for Day 2:

  • Review the syllabus. There will be a quiz.
  • Read Ball & Charlton.
  • Draft Post #1 in a Google Doc saved in your IWA folder.

Day 2

In class: Sound blogging with WordPress.

Homework for Day 3

  • Read at least one track review from Pitchfork.
  • Publish Post #1 and Post #2 on your WordPress site.

Day 3

In class: Writing about music and sound.

Homework for Day 4

  1. Read about “The Great 78 Project” on and The Verge.
  2. Publish Post #3 on WordPress.

Day 4

In class: Details on The Great 78 Project and The Phono Project.

Homework for Day 5

  • Publish Post #4 on WordPress.

Day 5

In class: Scriptwriting for sound.

Homework for Day 6:

Day 6

In class: Recording and working with Audacity.

Homework for Day 7

  • Listen to How Sound’s “Short is Beautiful
  • Cut your script down to 125 words and be ready to record another draft in class on Wednesday. Save this in your IWA shared folder in Google Drive.
  • Find a way to download and use Audacity on a machine you have access to at home.

Day 7

In class: More about working with Audacity and posting to The Phono Project site

Homework for Day 8: 

  • Record multiple versions of your script and continue to play around with Audacity and its tools. Make an appointment with me, especially if you want a higher quality version of your recording using the fancy Yeti mic.

Day 8

In class: Workshop Day

Final project: Post your contribution to The Phono Project website by Tuesday.