Rowan Writer’s Project

In addition to attending class meetings, you will complete the Rowan Writer’s Project. For this project, you are required to attend at least one event on campus that is Writing Arts-related. You will document your attendance and provide a short summary and analysis of the event. This assignment is submitted on Blackboard.

Documentation should consist of the following:

  1. Cover sheet with your name, plus the name and date of the event.
  2. Discreet photo (“selfie”) of yourself at the event.
  3. Two paragraph summary of the event and one paragraph of analysis (What did you learn? What did you think about the content that was presented? What connections can you make between this event and your other academic or personal experiences?) In addition, you may include impressions or reactions if you like.

Which Events?

To find out about events, be sure to check your email for announcements. Although your instructors may tell you about events as a courtesy — and will try to update a this Google Doc periodically — it is your responsibility to find suitable events. On occasion events may change or be canceled, so be sure to verify where and when events are occurring. Examples include: attending readings by visiting writers; attending lectures given by Writing Arts faculty job candidates; attending readings by Rowan students. If other events seem relevant, check with your instructor.

While there will be multiple events to choose from, they may be distributed unevenly throughout the semester, with more in the beginning and middle; in other words, do not put off attending until the last minute because you may run out of options.

Attendance at the event and event write-up will constitute 4% of overall course grade. Please review the rubric for more details about how your work will be evaluated.

Submit your completed Rowan Writers Project assignment on BlackBoard.